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 Nutritious Diet Makes Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful
  • Nutritious Diet Makes Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful
  • A lot of people want to have black and beautiful hair, especially the young women. However, in order to care the hair, most people usually rely on chemical products such as shampoo and hair conditioner. In fact, daily diet can also promote the health of your hair.

    If you want to have healthy hair, it is important to keep a balanced and nutritious diet. You should appropriately take in enough protein, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Only if you guarantee comprehensive and reasonable nutrition, can it be beneficial to the growth of hair.

    First of all, the main component of hair is the protein which contains sulfur amino acid. As a result, every day you should absorb the right amount the food that contains plenty of protein, such as fish, lean meat, milk, dairy products and soy products.

    Secondly, vitamin A not only plays an important role in maintaining the normal function of the epithelial tissue and the perfection of structure, but can also promote the growth of the hair. Food that contains a large number of vitamin A includes carrot, spinach, asparagus, almond, mango, and so on. What's more, animal liver, fish, shrimp and egg are also rich in vitamin A.

    Thirdly, vitamin B can promote the metabolism of scalp, so it is also very helpful for the growth of hair. Vitamin B widely exists in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, such as wheat, red rice, peanut, soybean, spinach, tomato, mushroom, and so on. In addition, sardine and cheese also contain great amounts of vitamin B.

    Fourthly, vitamin E can promote blood circulation and the growth of hair. It mainly exists in walnut, olive oil, corn, malt, pea, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and so on.

    Last but not the least, if there is not enough minerals absorbed by the body, it will also affect the growth of hair. This is because these trace elements, such as iron, zinc, copper and calcium, etc, are the basic metabolic materials of the melanin in human skin and hair. Lack of these substances will cause the hair to become white prematurely. Black food contains a lot of these trace elements, such as black bean, black rice, black fungus, black date, black sesame, and so on.

    What's more, if you want to protect your hair, you must also avoid eating spicy and pungent food, such as onion, garlic, leeks, ginger, pepper, chili, cinnamon, and so on. Beside, it is also necessary to keep away from fried food, high-fat food, and high-sugar food.

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