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 The Magic Functions of Fruit Peel in Everyday Life
  • The Magic Functions of Fruit Peel in Everyday Life
  • Fruit peel always contains abundant nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants and protein and so on. These nutrients can not only improve the skin and realize health care, but also play an important role in our daily life. 

    The peel of bananas contains rich musarin which can be used to treat pruritus of skin caused by fungi and bacteria. Banana peel can also have good effect in stopping thirst, moistening the lung, and promoting blood circulation. Chilblain and chap can be prevented by rubbing banana peel on the hands and feet. The prevention of hypertension and cerebral apoplexy can also be realized by banana peel. In addition, the smutch on the shoes can be removed by using banana peel wiping the shoes.

    The peel of oranges is rather beneficial to the human health. Washed cleanly and steamed into syrup, orange peel can effectively remove heat from the lung, dissolve phlegm and arrest cough. As orange peel contains abundant alkaline substances, the integration of orange peel and salt can clean the dirt from dinnerware and kitchenware and so on. The aromatic substances contained in orange peel can also eliminate the abnormal taste from the fridge.

    The functions of watermelon peel are better than those of the flesh, including clearing heat, relieving restlessness and lowering blood pressure and so on. The effect of watermelon peel can also be achieved in treating anemia, sore throat, harelip, cystitis, liver ascites and nephritis. In addition, watermelon peel contains abundant vitamin C and vitamin E and plays an important role in skin care. You can use watermelon peel to wipe the skin for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash the skin in clean water so as to beautify your skin and prevent furuncle.

    The functions of the peels of apples and shaddocks can also not be ignored. Apple peel plays an important role in treating the diseases like chronic diarrhea, neurogenic colitis and hypertension. In addition, the smashed apple can be used to wipe bathtub, wash basin and pedestal pan to keep them shiny. Shaddock peel can effectively regulate vital energy, dissolve phlegm, stop cough and relieve asthma. You can cut shaddock peel into pieces and mix with honey in a right amount and a little hot yellow wine to treat cough and asthma for the old. You can also put shaddock peel into the soup to dissolve phlegm, improve digestion and stop asthma and colic.

    Fruit peel usually contains abundant nutrients which are beneficial to the human health. The functions of fruit peel should be paid more attention to in our daily life.

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