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EINECS 205-793-9
CAS No. 9002-98-6 Density 1.030 g/mL at 25 °C
PSA 21.94000 LogP -0.08160
Solubility Soluble in water. Melting Point 59-60°C
Formula (C2H5N)x Boiling Point 250 °C(lit.)
Molecular Weight 43.06780 Flash Point >230 °F
Transport Information Appearance
Safety 22-24/25-61-36/37-37-26 Risk Codes  Xn:Harmful;
Molecular Structure Molecular Structure of 9002-98-6 (Aziridine, homopolymer) Hazard Symbols R22:Harmful if swallowed.;

Ethylenimine, polymers;Montrek 1000;PEI 18;Epomin SP 003;Montrek PEI 18;Corcat P 12;Epomin P 500;Montrek PEI 6;XA 1007;Lugalvan G 15;Polyethylenimine, M.W.1800;Lupasol HF;Ethylenimine resins;Epomin P 1500;Epomin SP 018;Corcat P 150;Montrek 12;Polymine P;Epomin P 003;P 1000 (polyamine);Ethylenimine, homopolymer;Lupasol WF;Epomin 150T;Polymin HS;EL 420;Dow PEI-600e;Polymin G 20;PAZ 33;Lupasol G 20;Lugalvan G 20;Montrek 6;Everamine 210T;Aziridine homopolymer;Epomin SP 012;UP 300 (polyamine);PEI;P 100 (polyamine);Montrek 18;K 203C;15T;Epomin P 1000;Epomin SP 1000;Everamine 500T;Polymin P;Tydex 12;1/C2H5N/c1-2-3-1/h3H,1-2H;Epamine 150T;Corcat P 200;Epomine P 1000;Epomin PP 061;Aziridine,polymers,homopolymer;PEI-600;Adcote 372;PEI 600;PR 20 (release agent);Everamine 50T;Epomin 1000;Epomin SP 006;Polymin 6;Epomin P 1050;Polyethyleneimine;PEI 400;Corcat P 145;PEI 1;PEI 12;Polymin G 100;Basocoll PR 8086;Lupasol G 35;Dow PEI-6;Polymin G 15M;PEI 1000;Ethylenimine polymer;PEI 6;Polyethylenimine, M.W.600;Epomine 1000;Polymin;Epomin SP 200;2MB;CF 218 (polymer);Everamine;Dow PEI-18;PEI 100;Lupasol SK;Epomin SP 103;P 0381;Lupasol P;Ethoxylated polyethylenimine, M.W. 60,000;Corcat P 600;Epomin D 3000;Polymin G 35;EL 402;Poly (ethylenimine);P 600XE;Epomin SP 110;P 1000;Polymin G 500;Everamine 150T;Lugalvan G 35;PEI 1120;Sedipur CL 930;Epomin SP 300;P 70 (polyamine);Polymin FL;Emerlube 6717;Corcat P 100;PEI 2;Lupasol FG;Epomine 150T;Corcat P 18;Montrek 600;Bufloc 595;Polymin SNA;Polyethyleneimine, 50 % solution in water;


Polyethyleneimine Consensus Reports

Reported in EPA TSCA Inventory.

Polyethyleneimine Specification

The Polyethylenimine (40,000) belongs to the categories of Polymers; Amine-Functional Polymers; Hydrophilic Polymers; Polymer Science. Its cas registry number is 9002-98-6. Besides this, it has other registry numbers including (1) 145379-92-6 ; (2) 217821-63-1 ; (3) 391936-72-4 ; (4) 39289-19-5 ; (5) 461012-73-7 ; (6) 66456-64-2 ; (7) 69522-69-6 ; (8) 81210-07-3 ; (9) 81210-08-4 ; (10) 81210-09-5 ; (11) 9077-52-5 ; (12) 92047-44-4 ; (13) 96956-22-8 ; (14) 96956-23-9 ; (15) 96956-24-0. This chemical is also called Aziridine, homopolymer ; Ethylenimine, polymers (8CI) ; Polyethylenimine (10,000) ; Polyethylenimine (20,000) ; Polyethylenimine (35,000) .

Physical properties about this chemical are: (1) Refractive index: n20/D 1.5290; (2) Melting Point: 59-60°C ; (3) Boiling Point: 250 °C(lit.); (4) Flash Point: >230 °F; (5) Density: 1.030 g/mL at 25 °C.

When you are using this chemical, please be cautious about it as the following:
This chemical is sensitive to CO2. It is moderately toxic by ingestion. When heated to decomposition,  it emits toxic fumes of NOx. When you are using it, avoid contact with skin and eyes and do not breathe dust. Make sure keep it under argon.

You can still convert the following datas into molecular structure:
(1) InChI:InChI=1/C2H5N/c1-2-3-1/h3H,1-2H2 ;
(2) Smiles:C1CN1

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