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  • Electrophoretic deposition of Trimanganese tetraoxide (cas 1317-35-7) coatings on Ni-coated SUS 430 steel interconnect

  • Add time:08/16/2019    Source:sciencedirect.com

    A uniform Trimanganese tetraoxide (cas 1317-35-7) (Mn3O4) coating has been prepared on Ni-coated SUS 430 steel by novel electrophoretic deposition (EPD) approach based on stable Mn3O4 suspension which has been achieved in ethanol medium with iodine (I2) as dispersant. Different suspension characteristics and deposition kinetics have been systematically studied to optimize the suspension chemistry and deposition process parameters. The suitable EPD conditions including the current density (1 mA cm−2), deposition time (10 s) and I2 concentration (1.2 g L−1) are applied to deposit uniform nano-Mn3O4 coating. It is also revealed that the deposited mass and the thickness of Mn3O4 coatings can be controlled by adjusting the EPD process parameters. The Mn2O3/(Mn,Cr)3O4/Cr2O3 oxide is formed via oxidizing the coated SUS 430 stainless steel and no Cr-containing species migrates outwards.

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