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  • ReviewMechanisms explaining the efficacy of psoralidin (cas 18642-23-4) in cancer and osteoporosis, a review

  • Add time:09/07/2019    Source:sciencedirect.com

    psoralidin (cas 18642-23-4) (PSO) is a natural phenolic coumarin that is extracted from the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia L. PSO possesses a variety of pharmacological activities, including anti-oxidative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressive and estrogenic-like effects. Other studies have indicated that PSO plays a beneficial role in multiple disease, especially cancer and osteoporosis. In this review, we first outline the basic background of PSO. Then we introduced the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways of PSO in multiple cancers to elucidate its anticancer potential via inducing oxidative stress and apoptosis, inhibiting proliferation, promoting autophagy-dependent cell death, and activating the estrogen receptors (ER)-signaling pathway. Finally, we recommend the direction of future investigations. In general, the information compiled in this paper should serve as a comprehensive repository of information to help design PSO in other research and future efforts.

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