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  • Preparation of in situ hydrogels loaded with Azelaic acid (cas 123-99-9) nanocrystals and their dermal application performance study

  • Add time:09/09/2019    Source:sciencedirect.com

    Azelaic acid (cas 123-99-9) (AZA) is a dicarboxylic acid that is topically used in the treatment of acne and rosacea since it possesses antibacterial and keratolytic activity. The primary objective of this study was to develop an AZA nanocrystal suspension. It is expected that improved solubility and dissolution rate will result in advanced biopharmaceutical properties, primarily the dermal bioavailability. Furthermore, a topical nanocrystal AZA-loaded hydrogels composed of Pluronic® F127 and hyaluronic acid mixture that are able to deliver AZA into the stratum corneum and deeper skin layers were considered. This study was conducted in order to: 1) determine the effect of non-ionic Polysorbate 60 on the stabilization and particle size of the AZA nanocrystals, as well as the effect of Pluronic® F127, used as an in situ gelation agent, and hyaluronic acid on the viscoelastic properties and the drug release of composed hydrogels, 2) determine the relationship between the rheological properties of the gels and the penetration of AZA into the stratum corneum. The composed hydrogels revealed pseudoplastic flow behaviour. The increase in Pluronic® F127 concentration induced a domination of elastic over viscous behaviour of the gels. The gel containing 15% of Pluronic® F127, 1% of hyaluronic acid and lyophilised 10% nanocrystal AZA suspension was considered to be an optimal formulation, since it possessed the rheological and drug delivery properties desirable for an in situ gelling platform for dermal application.

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