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  • A direct measurement of the heat evolved during the sodium and Potassium borohydride (cas 13762-51-1) catalytic hydrolysis

  • Add time:10/01/2019    Source:infona.pl

    NaBH 4 and KBH 4 hydrolysis reactions (BH 4 − +4H 2 O→B(OH) 4 − +4H 2 ), which can be utilized as a source of high purity hydrogen and be easily controlled catalytically, are exothermic processes. Precise determination of the evolved heat is of outmost importance for the design of the reactor for hydrogen generation. In this work we present an efficient calorimetric method for the direct measurement of the heats evolved during the catalyzed hydrolysis reaction. A modified Setaram Titrys microcalorimeter was used to determine the heat of hydrolysis in a system where water is added to pure solid NaBH 4 or KBH 4 as well as to solid NaBH 4 or KBH 4 mixed with a Co-based solid catalyst. The measured heats of NaBH 4 hydrolysis reaction were: −236kJmol −1 , −243kJmol −1 , −235kJmol −1 , and −236kJmol −1 , without catalyst and in the presence of Co nanoparticles, CoO and Co 3 O 4 , respectively. In the case of the KBH 4 hydrolysis reaction, the measured heats were: −220kJmol −1 , −219kJmol −1 , −230kJmol −1 , and −228kJmol −1 , without catalyst and with Co nanoparticles, CoO and Co 3 O 4 , respectively. Also, a comparison was made with an aqueous solution of CoCl 2 ·6H 2 O used as catalyst in which case the measured heats were −222kJmol −1 and −196kJmol −1 for NaBH 4 and KBH 4 hydrolysis, respectively. The influence of solid NaOH or KOH additions on the heat of borohydride hydrolysis has been investigated as well.

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