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Surgical Treatments

The specialized name of surgery in Chinese medicine for this department of medicine can be dated from Song Dynasty. It can be found in Wu Qiyu’s "New Book of Surgery" from Song Dynasty, a specialized surgery book of the deposit account. And it was called ulcer (Yang) class before Song Dynasty as a specialized discipline researching pathology, syndrome, diagnosis and treatment of surface disease including carbuncle, gangrene, sore, ulcers, scabies, ringworm, injury and so on. Specialized works after the Song Dynasty incorporate these diseases into surgery.

Surgical proprietary Chinese medicine is mainly used for ulcer sore, unknown swollen poison, liver and gallbladder damp heat, anal fissure and hemorrhoids, water and fire burns, snake bites, scrofula sputum, urinary stones and other syndromes. According to the clinical symptoms and causes of the disease it treat, surgical Chinese medicine can be broadly divided into clearing heat and promoting dampness, clearing heat swelling, detoxification, onglin Xiaoshi and Ruanjian Sanjie.

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