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 LT-037 Self-circulation Evaporator
  • LT-037 Self-circulation Evaporator
  • Specification of LT-037 Self-circulation Evaporator

    1). Material: stainless steel with external insulation plate
    2). Surface treatment: mirror or matte
    3). Alcohol recovery: large recovery capacity on vacuum concentration process
    4). Improves productivity 5 to 10 times than old type of similar equipment and reduce energy consumption by 30%
    5). Small investment and high recovery efficiency
    6). Concentrated liquid materials this equipment uses the way of outside heating natural circulation and vacuum evaporation
    7). Evaporation speed fast, concentration specific gravity up to 1.3L liquid material concentrate in sealed state without foam
    8). Liquid condensed out of equipment with characteristics of pollution-free, drug sauvignon and easy cleaning
    9). Equipment is simple instruction, small footprint
    10). Adapted to condensation of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, food, milk and the recovery of industrial organic solvents (example alcohol)
    11). Suitable for various materials which is small batch and sensitive at low temperature vacuum concentration

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