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 LT-038 Crystallizer Evaporator
  • LT-038 Crystallizer Evaporator
  • Specification of LT-038 Crystallizer Evaporator

    1). Used in production of potassium chloride, then chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries
    2). Can be used for the operation of vacuum cooling, evaporation, direct contact freezing and reaction crystallization

    1). Good performance, can produce larger size grain (grain size up to 600 to 1,200μm)
    2). High strength
    3). Evaporator connected with a pipe for precipitating and crystallizing
    4). Inside the evaporator with the draft tube and the cylindrical baffle
    5). Add the bot saturated liquid to the bottom of the loop pipe, mix it with the liquid which with small crystal liquor in the circular tube then pump to the heater
    6). Solution after heating into the crystallizer near the bottom of the draft tube and be sent to the surface through the slowly rotating propellers along the draft tube
    7). Solution evaporation and cooling to saturated state, some of solute suspend in the particles surface to make the crystal growth
    8). Outside the ring bezel there is a settlement area
    9). Large particle sediment in the settlement area
    10). Small particles into the circulation pipe to heat and dissolve
    11). Crystal into the elutriation column in the bottom of the crystallizer
    12). To make the crystal size uniformity, add some of the liquid which has settled into the elutriation column, use the hydraulic grade effect to make the small particles return to the crystallizer, then the crystalline products out from the elutriation column bottom
    13). DTB type evaporator suitable for the crystallization process which the crystal settling velocity greater than 3mm/s
    14). Equipment diameter can be as small as 500mm and as large as 7.9m

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