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 LT-036 Self-circulation Evaporator
  • LT-036 Self-circulation Evaporator
  • Specification of LT-036 Self-circulation Evaporator

    LT-036 Self-circulation Evaporator

    1. Features:
    1). Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    2). Concentrator use natural circulation type and negative pressure evaporation
    3). Fast evaporation speed, concentration ratio up to 1.4L (general medicine extract)
    4). Material in a sealed and foam state for enrichment
    5). Hard to loose the material
    6). No pollution and easy cleaning
    7). Concentrator through 2 simultaneous evaporator, secondary steam be utilized, not only saving investment in boiler, but also save energy
    8). Compared with other equipment, energy consumption reduced by 50%, in line with green GDP
    9). Contact parts of concentrator and material
    10). Evaporator configure universal cleaning ball
    11). Complies with food hygiene and medicine requirements

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