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 The History of Wine
  • The History of Wine
  • Wine is more than a combination of water and alcohol. It is a complex product and it has a long story to tell you.According to the complex ingredient list, it also contains grape juice and more than 1000 substances. Other important ingredients include the vinic acid, minerals and the tannic acid and so on. These ingredients are not large in amount but they determine the quality of wine to some extent. Excellent wine has a balanced and lingering taste. 

    We say that wine is more than alcohol; we mean that there are stories behind the wine. Ancient Persia is one of the cradles of ancient civilization. Most of the historians in the world consider that Persia is the home of wine. It is the first country brewing wine. Once upon a time, the King of Persia liked to eat grapes. He put the grapes in huge sealed gallipots and labeled them “poison” in case that someone would steal his grapes. After a few days, one of his concubines felt bored and she drank the beverage in the gallipots without permission. The beverage came from the sealed grapes and tasted good. And fortunately she did not die of the “poison”. She felt extremely excited. She sent it to the King. The King appreciated the beverage and ordered his workers to store it in sealed containers. The grapes fermented and became the wine today.

    With the development of ancient business and due to wars, the techniques of making wine were introduced to Arabian countries such as Israel, Syria and Asia Minor. However, people in these Arabian countries believed in Islam. They were not allowed to drinking. As a result, the vintage circle in these countries declined and almost was forbidden. After that, the method of brewing wine spread from Persia and Egypt to Greece, Rome and Gaul. Later, people from European countries like Italy and France popularized the brewage techniques and consumption habits. Because Europeans believe in Christ and the Christians regarded bread and wine as the meat and alcohol of God, they began to treat wine as an indispensable thing in life. The wine becomes peculiar in Europe. Today, France, Italy and Spain become the homes of wine all over the world. Europeans are also the biggest consumer of wine in the world. And the yield of wine in Europe takes up about 80%. Anther stories said wine was originated from Greece. The story was similar to the above one and I would not like to repeat it. However, the latter stories had no evidence.

    Today wine is available in all supermarkets. It is not exclusive to the noble people anymore. We can taste the wine and enjoy its story from time to time.

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