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 Five Kinds of Food to Improve Your Skin
  • Five Kinds of Food to Improve Your Skin
  • Everyone wants to have smooth, tender and white skin. However, roughness, acne and all kinds of skin problems will often appear on your face. In order to make your skin healthy and beautiful, you must start to eat more of the following five kinds of food from now on.

    First, sweet potato
    Sweet potato has the effect to moisten the skin and make the rough skin become smooth. Sweet potato contains a large number of sticky protein and all kinds of enzymes, which have an effect in nourish the skin. These components can activate the function of the skin cells, and promote the metabolism of the skin. And these functions can strengthen the stomach and intestines, promote digestion, and improve the skin roughness caused by constipation.

    Second, lotus root
    Lotus root contains a large number of vitamin C and minerals, which have some medical effect. In addition, it is also very effective to stop bleeding, and this effect is widely known by people. Recently, it has been proved that the lotus root is very beneficial for the skin. It can promote the metabolism of the skin cells, and prevent skin roughness. Lotus root porridge is especially effective. If you add some lotus seeds, the effect will be much better.

    Third, agaric
    Agaric contains various kinds of vitamins and minerals, which have the effect of cleaning the blood. It is very beneficial for the skin. Since the ancient times, China has regarded it as the best food to prolong human life, nourish and strength human body, and beautify the skin. At the same time, agaric also contains great amounts of dietary fiber, which is very suitable for those who suffer from constipation, while constipation will cause skin roughness.

    Fourth, plum
    Plum is a healthy food with a lot of effects. It can either be eaten or applied on the skin, both of which are very effective. If you apply it on the skin, it not only can the treat skin diseases, but also can improve the roughness of the skin, and make your skin gradually become smooth. It is especially effective for dry skin.

    Fifth, sesame
    Since the ancient time, it has been thought that sesame is the best food to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. Even now, women also like eating sesame to make their skin beautiful. In fact, from the modern nutrition perspective, sesame contains a lot of linoleic acid and vitamin E, which can improve the disorder of peripheral vascular, and make the skin soft.

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