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 The Nutrition and Effects of Three Kinds of Daily Food
  • The Nutrition and Effects of Three Kinds of Daily Food
  • First, chocolate--improve your mood
    Do you always feel depressed or unhappy? In such a situation, you can eat a piece of chocolate, which can improve your mood and make you feel much better. Chocolate has a magic effect to eliminate the depressed emotion. This is because chocolate contains some carbohydrates and fat, which can release the happy hormone and endorphin in the brain, so as to let people have cheerful spirit. At the same time, chocolate also contains a substance called as benzene. Scientists have already confirmed that benzene also has an antidepressant effect. What's more, nowadays, chocolate has become a popular diet for weight-loss in many western countries. It is said that as long as people eat chocolate appropriately for two weeks, it can both reduce the weight and bring down the blood pressure. But the prerequisite is: the content of cacao in chocolate should reach at least 70%.

    Second, almond--maintain your shape
    You may think almond contains a lot of fat, so it will make you fat. However, recent research shows that, if you add some almonds in daily diet, it not only will not increase the weight, instead, it can even help women lose weight. This is because, first of all, eating almonds can make people produce a sense of satiety, so as to reduce the intake of other high-calorie food; Secondly, almond contains a large number of dietary fiber, which can reduce the absorption rate of fat, so it will not lead to weight gain. In addition, some studies also show that, if you eat almonds more than five times every week, it can greatly improve the health index of your body. What's more, almond contains a lot of antioxidant flavonoid, and it is also a good source of vitamin E and mineral magnesium. Women can take almond as a healthy snack, which is especially suitable to eat before the meal.

    Third, peanut butter--keep you young forever
    Peanut butter is rich in vitamin E, which has a powerful antioxidant function. Often eating peanut butter can protect the women against the aging process. In addition, peanut butter is known as the best energy food. If the sportsmen eat a piece of bread coated with peanut butter, it can help them keep the sense of satiety, and provide enough carbohydrates to the body, so as to keep the physical strength. The latest medical research also shows that, if you eat peanut butter together with other nuts, it can greatly reduce the risk of diabetes.

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