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Fresh In Stock:Thiourea with BEST PRICE
Cas No: 62-56-6
USD $ 1.0-1.0 / Metric Ton 1 Metric Ton 1000 Metric Ton/Day Scale Chemical Corporation Contact Supplier
Thiourea 62-56-6 supplier in China
Cas No: 62-56-6
USD $ 11.0-22.0 / Kilogram 1 Kilogram 1-100 Metric Ton/Month Hangzhou Dayangchem Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Cas No: 62-56-6
No Data 1 Metric Ton 50 Metric Ton/Day Josun International Limited Contact Supplier
CHemwill -- Thiourea
Cas No: 62-56-6
USD $ 1.0-1.0 / Metric Ton 1 Metric Ton 5 Metric Ton/Day Chemwill Asia Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Cas No: 62-56-6
USD $ 1.77-1.8 / Metric Ton 1 Metric Ton 500 Metric Ton/Month Xiamen Sinchem Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd. Contact Supplier
Cas No: 62-56-6
No Data No Data No Data Beijing Jin Ming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Contact Supplier
Factory Supply Thiourea
Cas No: 62-56-6
No Data 100 Gram 400 Metric Ton/Day Ality Holding Group Limited Contact Supplier
lower price ISO factory purity 99.9% thiourea CAS NO.62-56-6
Cas No: 62-56-6
USD $ 1.0-3.0 / Metric Ton 1 Metric Ton 10 Metric Ton/Day Hebei yanxi chemical co.,LTD. Contact Supplier
High purity Thiourea CAS:62-56-6
Cas No: 62-56-6
USD $ 100.0-500.0 / Gram 1 Gram 99999 Gram/Year Hangzhou Dingyan Chem Co., Ltd Contact Supplier
Thiocarbamide, CAS No.: 62-56-6
Cas No: 62-56-6
No Data 500 Kilogram 1000 Metric Ton/Year Hefei TNJ chemical industry co.,ltd Contact Supplier

62-56-6 Usage


Thiourea appears as white crystal/powder, is combustible, and on contact with fire, gives off irritating or toxic fumes/gases. Thiourea is a reducing agent used primarily in the production of bleached recycled pulp. In addition, it is also effective in the bleaching of stone groundwood, pressurised groundwood. Thiourea undergoes decomposition on heating and produces toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides. It reacts violently with acrolein, strong acids, and strong oxidants. The main application of thiourea is in textile processing and also is commonly employed as a source of sulphide. Thiourea is a precursor to sulphide to produce metal sulphides, for example, mercury sulphide, upon reaction with the metal salt in aqueous solution. The industrial uses of thiourea include production of flame-retardant resins and vulcanisation accelerators. Thiourea is used as an auxiliary agent in diazo paper, light-sensitive photocopy paper, and almost all other types of copy paper. Thiourea is used in many industrial applications, including as a chemical intermediate or catalyst, in metal processing and plating, and in photoprocessing.


Chaotropic agent; strong denaturant. Increases solubility and recovery of proteins


Used in determination of bismuth.


A questionable carcinogen. May not be used in food products (FDA); skin irritant (allergenic).


The product is wildly used in pharmaceutical industry, agricultural, chemicals, metallurgical industry, petroleum and so on. It is also main material for producing thiourea dioxide(CH1N2O2S).

Chemical Properties

white crystals or powder

Contact allergens

Thiourea is used as a cleaner agent for silver and cop- per, and as an antioxidant in diazo copy paper. It can induce (photo-) contact dermatitis.

Air & Water Reactions

Water soluble.

General Description

White or off-white crystals or powder. Sinks and mixes with water.

Purification Methods

Crystallise thiourea from absolute EtOH, MeOH, acetonitrile or water. Dry it under vacuum over H2SO4 at room temperature. [Beilstein 3 IV 342.]

Health Hazard

Poisonous inhaled or swallowed. Irritating to skin; may cause allergic skin eruptions.

Reactivity Profile

Thiocarbamide is a white crystalline material or powder, toxic, carcinogenic. When heated to decomposition Thiocarbamide emits very toxic fumes of oxides of sulfur and oxides of nitrogen. Violent exothermic polymerization reaction with acrylaldehyde (acrolein) [MCA SD-85, 1961], violent decomposition of the reaction product with hydrogen peroxide and nitric acid [Bjorklund G. H. et al., Trans. R. Soc. Can.,1950, 44, p. 28], spontaneous explosion upon grinding with potassium chlorate [Soothill, D., Safety Management, 1992, 8(6), p. 11].


ChEBI: The simplest member of the thiourea class, consisting of urea with the oxygen atom substituted by sulfur.


In animal glue liquifiers and silver tarnish removers. Photographic fixing agent and to remove stains from negatives; manufacture of resins; vulcanization accelerator; a reagent for bismuth, selenite ions.

62-56-6 Well-known Company Product Price

Brand (Code)Product description CAS number Packaging Price Detail
Sigma-Aldrich (T8656)  Thiourea  ACS reagent, ≥99.0% 62-56-6 T8656-500G 1,179.36CNY Detail
Sigma-Aldrich (T8656)  Thiourea  ACS reagent, ≥99.0% 62-56-6 T8656-100G 735.93CNY Detail
Sigma-Aldrich (T8656)  Thiourea  ACS reagent, ≥99.0% 62-56-6 T8656-50G 455.13CNY Detail
Sigma-Aldrich (88810)  Thiourea  puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, ≥99.0% 62-56-6 88810-1KG 3,305.25CNY Detail
Sigma-Aldrich (88810)  Thiourea  puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, ≥99.0% 62-56-6 88810-500G 1,717.56CNY Detail
Sigma-Aldrich (88810)  Thiourea  puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, ≥99.0% 62-56-6 88810-100G 918.45CNY Detail
Sigma-Aldrich (30885)  Thiourea  ≥99.999% (metals basis) 62-56-6 30885-5G 1,990.17CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (36609)  Thiourea, ACS, 99% min.    62-56-6 1kg 1084.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (36609)  Thiourea, ACS, 99% min.    62-56-6 250g 676.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (36609)  Thiourea, ACS, 99% min.    62-56-6 50g 281.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (A12828)  Thiourea, 99%    62-56-6 10000g 4301.0CNY Detail
Alfa Aesar (A12828)  Thiourea, 99%    62-56-6 2500g 1341.0CNY Detail



According to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) - Sixth revised edition

Version: 1.0

Creation Date: Aug 12, 2017

Revision Date: Aug 12, 2017


1.1 GHS Product identifier

Product name thiourea

1.2 Other means of identification

Product number -
Other names THU

1.3 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

Identified uses For industry use only.
Uses advised against no data available

1.4 Supplier's details

1.5 Emergency phone number

Emergency phone number -
Service hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours).

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