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  • Photochemistry of Valerophenone (cas 1009-14-9) in solid solutions

  • Add time:07/16/2019    Source:sciencedirect.com

    Photoreactivity of Valerophenone (cas 1009-14-9) was investigated in frozen solid solvents: benzene, cyclohexane, t-butanol, hexadecane, and water. Different product and mass distributions were followed during the course of the photoreaction. It was evidenced that a portion of ketone molecules is almost unreactive in the solid state due to physical restraints of the solid solvent cavity. Free rotation along the C–C bonds becomes difficult inside the cavity and it is probable that larger conformational changes are totally restricted. It was shown that a fraction of molecules having the favorable conformation for hydrogen abstraction reacts with the same photochemical efficiency no matter what solvent was used. The elimination/cyclization ratio of the Norrish Type II reaction was studied as a function of temperature. Variation of the ratios, characteristic for each solvent, diminished with decreasing temperature what has been rationalized in terms of the effective reaction cavity. The semi-empirical PM3 method and molecular mechanics MM3 force field calculations were performed to evaluate stabilities of the ground state valerophenone conformations.

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