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 Six Kinds of Essential Food to Prevent Sunburn in Summer
  • Six Kinds of Essential Food to Prevent Sunburn in Summer
  • This article will introduce six kinds of food, which are necessary in the hot summer, because they play an important role in preventing sunburn, so as to keep you away from the damage of ultraviolet.

    First, red or yellow fruits and vegetables
    Red or yellow fruits and vegetables can increase the resistance of the skin, and effectively prevent you from the harms caused by ultraviolet. Red or yellow fruits and vegetables include mango, papaya, sweet potato, squash, carrot, tomato and so on. Although these foods play an important role in preventing ultraviolet, you should not eat too much of them. For example, eating too much carrots may produce toxic substances in the body, and make the skin become dark and yellow.

    Second, beans
    Beans contains a large number of soy isoflavone, which has the same effect as female hormone. It has an anti-aging and antioxidant function. As a result, it is an indispensable food for skin care. Bean curd and soybean milk are very good choices. But some beans such as dried bean or skin of bean curd relatively contain more calories. For example, a box of bean curd only contains about 50 to 88 calories, but the dried bean curd with equal amount contains nearly 160 to 190 calories. As a result, you'd better eat less dried bean curd or skin of bean curd.

    Third, green tea
    Green tea is good drink for skin care. It can prevent the skin from getting sunburnt and becoming rough and dry. Green tea contains a lot of tea polyphenol, which is a kind of good antioxidant. The antioxidant effect of tea polyphenol is much powerful than that of vitamin A and vitamin C. But what you have to pay attention is, green tea contains a large number of caffeine. As a result, if you drink too much green tea, it can affect the sleep quality and lead to insomnia. In addition, people who suffer from some gastrointestinal diseases should drink less green tea.

    Fourth, fruits containing plenty of vitamin C
    As we all know, vitamin C is an important nutrient for skin care. If you want to make your skin away from the harm of ultraviolet, you should eat some fruits which contain plenty of vitamin C. Such fruits include apple, strawberry, kiwi, citrus fruits, tomato, and so on. In addition, it is also a good choice to eat some vegetable salads every day. You can put some lettuce, carrot, cucumber and pepper together, which can also provide a lot of vitamin C to your body.

    Fifth, chocolate
    The latest study shows that chocolate is a kind of healthy food. It contains a lot of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, cocoa phenols, and so on. All of these antioxidants have good effect in protecting the skin. What's more, you can also make a cup of fragrant and hot cocoa at home, which can protect the skin and improve the immunity of the skin.

    Sixth, nuts
    Nuts contain a high content of vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect and can eliminate the free radicals in human body. At the same time, vitamin E also has certain effect in preventing ultraviolet. In addition, eating some nuts every day can also improve the immunity of the skin, so as to protect skin and make it delicate and soft.

    In a word, all of the foods that we have mentioned above are very common in our life. As a result, you can eat more of them in daily diet, so as to help you effectively prevent the ultraviolet ray, and improve the resistance of skin. In such a case, you will never be afraid that your tender skin would get sunburnt.

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