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 Seven Foods Cause Abortion and Fetal Abnormality
  • Seven Foods Cause Abortion and Fetal Abnormality
  • The diets of pregnant women are the main sources of nutrients provided for the fetuses. If women eat some unhealthy foods, the health of fetuses can be seriously threatened. Generally speaking, seven foods can cause abortion and fetal abnormality. 

    Crab is regarded as a good food for people to invigorate the blood circulation and eliminate stasis. However, the invigoration of blood circulation can seriously threaten the health of fetuses. Pregnant women should avoid eating crabs so as to prevent abortion.

    Turtle can effectively nourish the kidney for people. However, it can also invigorate the blood circulation, which can probably cause abortion.

    Pearl barley can effectively stimulate the uterine smooth muscle and shrink the uterus. If women eat pearl barley during the pregnancy, abortion can be induced.

    Like pearl barley, purslane can also stimulate the uterus to induce miscarriage.

    Strong tea is also a tabu among pregnant women. The content of fluoride contained in tea is very high. A cup of strong tea contains 1.25 milligrams of fluoride. If women drink strong tea during the pregnancy, they can be easily attacked by iron-deficient anemia and the nutritional supply for the fetuses can be disturbed. At the same time, the caffeine contained in tea can increase the heartbeat of pregnant women and worsen the burdens of heart and kidney to affect the health of both women and the fetuses.

    Coffee is rich in caffeine. Caffeine can seriously stimulate the central nervous system. According to the research, each 300 grams of coffee contain 50 to 80 milligrams of caffeine. If people absorb more than one gram of caffeine at one time, the central nervous system can be seriously hurt and the symptoms like insomnia and tinnitus can be caused. The fetuses are very sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine can go into placenta and affect the health of the fetuses. In order to protect the fetuses, pregnant women should avoid drinking coffee.

    Liquor can seriously affect the intelligent development of the fetuses. According to the research, drinking liquor is an important reason of causing fetal abnormality and intelligent slowness. This is because alcohol can easily go through placenta to enter into the bodies of the fetuses. As a result, the density of alcohol in the bodies of pregnant women is as the same as that in the bodies of fetuses. Alcohol can seriously hurt the heart and brain of the fetuses. Therefore, women should stop drinking liquor during the pregnancy.

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