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 Ten Foods Help You Deal with Uncomfortable Symptoms
  • Ten Foods Help You Deal with Uncomfortable Symptoms
  • In our daily life, we are always troubled by some uncomfortable diseases, such as asthma and toothache. What will you do to deal with these problems? Do you always take medicines to solve them? In fact, foods can help you deal with these uncomfortable symptoms. 

    First, tomato can help you dispel the effects of alcohol. Intoxication can not only make you feel uncomfortable but also cause the loss of nutrients like potassium and calcium. Therefore, it is necessary for you to supplement various nutrients after you drink wine. In order to alleviate the pain and prevent the loss of nutrients, you can eat tomatoes or drink tomato juice. Potassium, calcium and sodium contained in tomatoes can effectively make up the nutritional loss.

    Second, sugar can deal with hiccup for you. Many people have experienced the embarrassment caused by hiccup. The best way for you to stop hiccup is to eat sugar. Sugar can stimulate the nerves around your throat, which can disturb the neuronal signals in your body. Thus, hiccup can be rapidly stopped.

    Third, almond can alleviate the depression for you. It is known to all that the nutritional value of almond is very high. A high content of vitamin E contained in almond can effectively defer the premature aging of the brain. When you feel unhappy, you can eat some almonds to alleviate the depression.

    Fourth, fish can deal with asthma for you. The patients with asthma should maintain a healthy diet composed of insipid and soft foods. In fact, fish is also an essential component of the diet. Fish can effectively nourish the lung and alleviate the symptoms of asthma. At the same time, fish can provide abundant magnesium for your body. Therefore, if you are troubled by asthma, you can frequently eat fish in your daily life.

    Fifth, tea can effectively alleviate the toothache. According to the latest research, tea leaves are very effective in protecting the teeth. This is because fluorine and tea polyphenol contained in tea can effectively improve the teeth and prevent the formation of decayed teeth. You can use tea to rinse your mouth after you have dinner to clean your teeth and oral cavity.

    Sixth, grapefruit can be used to alleviate the bleeding of teeth. The inflammation of gum is an important reason of causing bleeding. In fact, inflammation of gum is mainly caused by the lack of vitamin C in the body. Grapefruit is rather rich in vitamin C. Therefore, the inflammation of gum can be effectively solved as long as you frequently eat grapefruit. You can also eat other fruits containing abundant vitamin C like lemon and kiwi fruit.

    Seventh, banana can supplement physical strength for you. If you take exercises excessively, you can easily feel tired. When you sweat, a lot of mineral substances like potassium and sodium can be expelled out of your body. You must supplement these nutrients in time. Banana is a good source of potassium. You can eat bananas after you take exercises.

    Eighth, garlic can alleviate the cold for you. Garlic plays an important role in killing bacteria. When you catch a cold, you should eat garlic to resist viruses and strengthen the immunity.

    Ninth, apple juice can effectively alleviate the heart disease. According to the research, apple juice is very effective in decreasing the risks of getting the heart disease. This is because the nutrients contained in apple juice can keep the blood vessels away from the bad cholesterols.

    Tenth, coarse foods can help you deal with sterility. The sterility among women and men can be caused by various reasons. A high content of folic acid contained in coarse foods can decrease the risks of getting sterility. The adequate supplementation of folic acid can maintain the normal growth of the nervous system of the fetuses.

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