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 Five Kinds of Junk Food in the World
  • Five Kinds of Junk Food in the World
  • The World Health Organization has published some junk food in the world, which may cause serious damage on human health. In the following passage, we will introduce them in detail.

    1. Fried food:
    Fried food contains a large quantity of heat, oil and fat. Often eat such kind food will easily lead to obesity and coronary heart disease. During the frying process, it often produces a lot of carcinogenic substances. Some studies have shown that, people who often eat fried food are more likely to suffer from cancer.

    2. Canned food:
    No matter canned fruits or canned meat, most of the nutrients are destroyed, especially various kinds of vitamins. In addition, the protein contained in canned products is often denatured, which greatly reduces the absorption rate and nutritional value of the food. What's more, a lot of canned fruits contain a large number of sugar. After eating such kind food, it may cause the level of blood sugar to raise in a short time, and increase the burden on pancreas. At the same time, as canned food is rich in calorie, so it may also lead to obesity.

    3. Preserved food:
    Preserved food always contains a lot of salt, so often eat such kind food will cause great burden on the kidney, which may increase the risk of hypertension. In addition, preserved food contains a kind of carcinogenic substance--nitrosamine, which may increase the risk of malignant tumors. In addition, the high concentration of salt can seriously damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, and then lead to gastrointestinal inflammation or ulcer.

    4. Processed meat:
    Processed meat (such as sausage) contains a certain amount of nitrite, so it has the potential risk of leading to cancer. What's more, because processed meat always contains a lot of preservatives and color agents, so it will increase the burden on the liver. At the same time, processed meat contains a high content of sodium, so eat too much of such kind of food will increase the intake of salt, and thus leading to fluctuation of blood pressure and causing damage on the kidney.

    5. Cream products:
    Often eating cream products can increase your weight, and even increase the content of blood glucose and blood fat. In addition, eating a lot of cream products before meal can reduce the appetite. What's worse, if you eat cream product with an empty stomach, it may lead to heartburn and other serious symptoms.

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