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 Nine Foods Hurt Your Stomach and Intestines
  • Nine Foods Hurt Your Stomach and Intestines
  • Foods can provide essential nutrients and improve the health for you. However, sometimes, they can also hurt your body. The indigestible foods can seriously hurt your stomach and intestines. These dangerous foods mainly include fried food, spicy food, chocolate, orange juice, mashed potato, uncooked onion, ice cream, cabbage and beans. 

    Fried food usually contains oily fat and high fat. After fried food enters into the body, oily fat and high fat can accumulate in the stomach to induce illness. What’s more, oily fat can produce a kind of special substance called “acrylic acid” which can not be digested by the body. People who are suffering from gastro-enteritis should avoid eating fried food.

    Spicy food can stimulate the inner wall of esophagus and increase the burdens of stomach. If the functions of your stomach and intestines are not satisfactory, you should keep away from spicy food.

    Chocolate can bring extra heat to your body and relax the sphincter of esophagus, which can cause the backflow of gastric acid and stimulate esophagus and pharynx. In order to alleviate the harms caused by eating chocolate, you should choose some suitable kinds of chocolate to eat. Dark chocolate is your best choice. Dark chocolate contains calcium, magnesium, iron and copper. It is effective in decreasing blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis for you. What’s more, you should strictly control the intake amount of chocolate.

    Orange juice can provide adequate vitamin C for your body. However, it can also stimulate esophagus and sensory nerves. If you drink a cup of orange juice in the morning, the acidity in your stomach and intestines can be increased. Therefore, it is necessary for you to drink orange juice at right time.

    Potato is an ideal weight-loss food rich in high protein, vitamins and trace elements. Mashed potato is also popular all over the world. However, if cream is added into mashed potato, the nutritional value of mashed potato will be decreased. This is the lactose in cream can seriously hurt your stomach.

    Onion contains a lot of nutrients which can protect heart in the body. However, at the same time, eating onion can also hurt the stomach and intestines to cause colic. The experts advise people to cook onions so as to prevent the gastric and intestinal discomforts.

    Ice cream can help you clear away heat in summer. However, if you eat ice cream excessively, the functions of your stomach and intestines can be affected. Therefore, you should keep away from ice cream. If you can not give up ice cream, you should choose the products without lactose.

    Cabbage contains a lot of vitamins and dietary fibers. It is also a good food to resist cancer and premature aging for your body. However, high contents of vitamins and dietary fibers can not absolutely reflect the health effects of cabbage. According to the research, cabbage with high fibers can expand the capacity of your stomach and cause the accumulation of gas in the stomach and intestines. In order to prevent the side effects, you can blanch cabbage in hot water for a while to invalidate the effect of sulphur compounds of producing gas.

    Beans contain oligose. After fermented by the bacteria in the intestinal tract, oligose can produce gas to cause the symptoms like bellyache and abdominal distension. People who are suffering from peptic ulcer and acute gastritis should not eat beans in their daily life. This is because the high content of purine contained in beans can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and cause gastric and intestinal flatulence. After you eat beans, you should drink enough water to digest the fibers.

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