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 Three Types of People Can Not Eat Garlic
  • Three Types of People Can Not Eat Garlic
  • Garlic is an essential condiment in our daily life. Some people even like to eat some raw garlic when they eat noodles. Garlic has a good effect of sterilization. Nevertheless, there are three types of people who should not eat garlic.

    First, hepatopathy patients
    Many people believe that garlic is an antibacterial and antiviral food, so they want to prevent hepatitis by eating garlic, and there are even some people who continue to eat garlic after getting hepatitis. This is very bad for them, because garlic nearly has no effect on hepatitis virus. On the contrary, some elements in garlic may cause stimulation on the stomach and intestines, which may inhibit the secretion of digestive juice in intestinal tract, and affect the digestion of food, thereby aggravating many symptoms for the hepatitis patients, such as nausea.

    In addition, some volatile components in garlic can reduce the red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, so it may lead to anemia, which is not conducive to the treatment of hepatitis.

    Second, patients suffering from non-bacterial diarrhea
    When people suffer from non-bacterial enteritis or diarrhea, they should not eat raw garlic. Because the inflammation in the intestinal mucosal tissue causes a lot of consequences on the intestinal wall, such as vasodilation, congestion, swelling and increased permeability. A large number of protein and electrolytes in the body tissue, such as potassium, sodium, calcium and chlorine, will enter into the enteric cavity. A great number of fluids will stimulate the intestinal tract, which will accelerate the peristalsis of the intestines, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

    In such a case, if they eat garlic, the spicy flavor of the garlic may stimulate the intestinal tract, which may cause intestinal mucosal hyperemia and edema aggravation, leading to deterioration of the diseases. If the diarrhea has occurred, people should be much more careful when eating garlic.

    Third, patients with eye diseases
    Doctors of traditional Chinese medicines believe that long-term consumption of large quantities of garlic would hurt the liver and damage eyes. Therefore, patients with eye diseases should try not to eat garlic. Especially for those with poor and weak physical condition, they should pay special attention to it. Or else, with a long time, some dangerous phenomena may appear, such as hypopsia, tinnitus, front heaviness, memory loss and so on. Some people who suffer from myopia or other eye diseases need to take traditional Chinese medicine. In such a case, they should pay special attention that not to eat garlic; otherwise it will directly affect the efficacy.

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