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 The Therapeutic Effects of Bitter Melon
  • The Therapeutic Effects of Bitter Melon
  • Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd. Although it has a special bitter taste, it is still adored by many people. This is because it has some magic effects which are unmatched by other ordinary vegetables. It is the best vegetable to clear away summer heat. The effects of bitter melon are as follows:

    First, promote the appetite, diminish inflammation and bring down a fever.
    The Charantin and bitter elements contained in bitter melon can promote the appetite and invigorate the spleen. And it contains a kind of alkaloid called quinine, which has the effects of promoting urination and invigorating the circulation of blood, diminishing inflammation and bringing down a fever, as well as clearing away the heat in the heart and improving eyesight.

    Second, prevent and cure cancer.
    The proteins and the large number of vitamin C in bitter gourd can improve the immune function of the body, providing the immune cells with the effect of killing cancer cells. The juice of bitter melon contains some protein, which can enhance the ability of macrophage to resist lymphosarcoma and leukemia. And the trypsin inhibitor, which is extracted from the seed of bitter melon, can inhibit the proteinase secreted by cancer cells, so as to prevent the growth of malignant tumor.

    Third, lower blood sugar.
    Fresh bitter gourd juice contains Charantin and some substances similar to insulin, so it has a good effect to regulate the level of blood sugar. As a result, it is the ideal food for diabetes patients.

    Fourth, skin care.
    Bitter gourd can moisten and whiten the skin. Especially in the hot summer, you can apply some pieces of bitter gourd on the face, which can immediately calm and moisturize the skin.

    In the hot summer, as the temperature suddenly increases, people tend to sweat more, and the sebaceous gland secretion also increases, which will promote the growth of acne. Bitter melon is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals, which have great benefits for the treatment of acne.

    What's more, experts also point out that, people should not eat too much bitter food. Otherwise it will easily cause nausea and vomiting. Bitter gourd is cool in nature, so eating too much of it will bring damage to the spleen and stomach. As a result, people who suffer from weakness of the spleen and the stomach have to eat less bitter melon. In addition, bitter contains quinine, which will stimulate uterine contraction and cause miscarriage. So pregnant women should also be careful when eating bitter gourd.

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