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 Five Notices of Eating Tomatoes
  • Five Notices of Eating Tomatoes
  • Tomato is a kind of very nutritious and healthy vegetable. It contains a lot of vitamin C. There is 20 to 30 mg of vitamin C contained in every 100 grams of tomato. Vitamin C has the effects of enhancing the resistance of the body, preventing and treating scurvy, resisting against infection, and so on. However, do you know there are some notices you should pay attention to when eating tomatoes? Generally speaking, there are mainly five notices, just as follows:

    Firstly, do not eat tomato and cucumber at the same time.
    Why it is inappropriate to eat tomato and cucumber at the same time? This is because cucumber contains a kind of catabolic enzyme, which will destroy the high content of vitamin C contained in other vegetables. Tomato is a typical vegetable which contains a great number of vitamin C. If you eat these two kinds of food together, the vitamin C that we take in from tomato will be decomposed and destroyed by the catabolic enzyme in cucumber.

    Secondly, do not eat tomato when you take anti-clotting drugs.
    Tomato contains plenty of vitamin K. The major effect of vitamin K is to catalyze the synthesis of prothrombin and coagulin in the liver. So if you eat tomatoes when taking the anti-clotting drugs, it will affect the efficacy of these medicines.

    Thirdly, do not eat tomato with an empty stomach.
    Tomato contains a large amount of soluble astringents, which will react with the gastric acid and coagulate into insoluble lumps. These lumps may block the pyloric of the stomach, leading to gastrectasia, stomachache and other discomforts.

    Fourthly, do not eat unripe green tomato.
    According to the research, green tomato contains alkaloid glycosides (solanine), which is very stable to alkalinity, and can be hydrolyzed by the acids. As a result, if you eat unripe green tomato, you may suffer from some discomforts. When it is severe, it even may cause poisoning. While when the green tomato is ripe and becomes red, there will be no solanine contained in it, so it is safe for you to eat.

    Fifthly, do not eat the tomato which has been cooked for a long time.
    If the tomato has been cooked for a long time, its original nutrition and taste will be lost. In addition, if you eat tomato which has been deteriorated, it may even cause food poisoning, which is very dangerous to human body.

    Anyway, tomato is a kind of nutritious vegetable, containing lycopene, vitamin C, and so on. So if we pay attention to the above notices when eating tomato, it will bring many health benefits to our body.

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