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  • Separation Science and EngineeringUsing bipolar membrane electrodialysis to synthesize di-quaternary Ammonium hydroxide (cas 1336-21-6) and optimization design by response surface methodology

  • Add time:09/02/2019    Source:sciencedirect.com

    Bipolar membrane electrodialysis (BMED) has already been described for the preparation of quaternary Ammonium hydroxide (cas 1336-21-6). However, compared to quaternary ammonium hydroxide, di-quaternary ammonium hydroxide has raised great interest due to its high thermal stability and good oriented performance. In order to synthesize N,N-hexamethylenebis(trimethyl ammonium hydroxide) (HM(OH)2) by EDBM, experiments designed by response surface methodology were carried out on the basis of single-factor experiments. The factors include current density, feed concentration and flow ratio of each compartment (feed compartment: base compartment: acid compartment: buffer compartment). The relationship between current efficiency and the above-mentioned three factors was quantitatively described by a multivariate regression model. According to the results, the feed concentration was the most significant factor and the optimum conditions were as follows: the current efficiency was up to 76.2% (the hydroxide conversion was over 98.6%), with a current density of 13.15 mA·cm− 2, a feed concentration of 0.27 mol·L− 1 and a flow ratio of 20 L·h− 1:26 L·h− 1:20 L·h− 1:20 L·h− 1 for feed compartment, base compartment, acid compartment, and intermediate compartment, respectively. This study demonstrates the optimized parameters of manufacturing HM(OH)2 by direct splitting its halide for industrial application.

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