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 Four Kinds of Food Help You Sleep Well
  • Four Kinds of Food Help You Sleep Well
  • Many people think that eating food before going to bed is bad for the body. Especially for the women who pay great attention to their figure, they think that eating before bedtime will make them fat. In fact, if you eat properly before going to bed, some kinds of food can help you relax the body, ease the tight muscles, and calm down the tension, so as to improve the sleep quality and help you get rid of the trouble of insomnia. Following are four kinds of food which can help you sleep well at night.

    First of all, kiwi fruit
    Sleep disorder has something to do with the over-arousal of nervous centralis and the over-excitement of sympathetic nerves. Kiwi fruit is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, which can promote the synthesis and transmission of neurotransmitters. Especially calcium, it has the effect of stabilizing the emotion and inhibiting the sympathetic nerves. You can smash kiwi fruit with milk, honey, and ice together, and make into a cold drink in summer, which not only can promote the absorption of vitamin E in the seeds of kiwi fruit, but also can increase the elasticity of the skin.

    Second, milk
    Milk contains two hypnotic substances: tryptophan and peptides. Tryptophan can promote the brain cells to secrete serotonin, and serotonin is a kind of neurotransmitter that can make people sleepy. While peptides have a regulatory role on the physiological functions of human body, in which "opioid peptides" can combine with central nervous system, and play the narcotic and analgesic effect similar to opium. It can make human body feel comfortable and is conducive to relieve the fatigue and make people quickly fall asleep.

    Third, apple
    Apple can also promote the sleep quality. This is mainly due to the aromatic components in apples, in which the phytosterols account for 92% and carbonyl compounds account for 6%. The aroma of apple has a strong sedative effect on human nerves, so it can promote people to fall asleep quickly. If there is no apple at home, you can try adding a spoonful of vinegar in boiled water and drink it, which also has the same effect and can promote sleep.

    Fourth, walnut
    Walnut is a nutritious nut for human body. It is very beneficial for people who suffer from neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, dreaminess and so on. Eating some walnuts every morning and evening can promote sleeping quality. According to modern scientific analysis, walnut contains 15.4% of protein, 40% to 63% of fat, and 10% of carbohydrates. What's more, it also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, carotene, riboflavin and vitamins A, B, C, E and so on.

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