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 Foods That You Shouldn't Eat with an Empty Stomach
  • Foods That You Shouldn't Eat with an Empty Stomach
  • When people feel hunger, they tend to have a very good appetite, and will be not choosy about the food. However, such a habit is very dangerous, because some foods are not suitable to eat with an empty stomach, otherwise, it will bring a hidden danger to your health. Such foods are mainly as follows:

    Persimmon and tomato
    Persimmon and tomato contain a lot of pectin and tannic acid. When these substances have chemical reaction with the gastric acid, they will generate insoluble gel block, which may easily lead to stomach calculus.

    Cold drinks
    If you drink too much various kinds of cold drinks with an empty stomach, it will stimulate the stomach and intestines and the contracture will happen. As time passes, it will lead to the disorders of various enzymatic chemical reactions, inducing gastrointestinal diseases. During the menstrual period of the women, it may even cause menstruation disorders.

    Banana is rich in magnesium. Eating banana with an empty stomach will suddenly increase the magnesium in the body and damage the balance between magnesium and calcium in the blood, which may has an inhibiting effect on the cardiovascular and is not conducive to human health.

    Hawthorn and orange
    Hawthorn and orange contain a large amount of organic acid, tartaric acid, hawthorn acid, citric acid, etc. Eating these two kinds of foods with an empty stomach will greatly increase the gastric acid in the body, which will bring adverse stimulus on the stomach mucous membrance, thereby causing gastrectasia and vomiting.

    Milk and soybean milk
    These two drinks contain high protein. If drinking them in an empty stomach, the protein will be "forced" to be changed into heat and consumed, which would not achieve the nutritional and tonic effect. The correct way is to drink them together with snacks, bread and other foods containing wheat flour, or drink them two hours after the dinner or before bedtime.

    Sugar is a kind of digestible and absorbable food. If you eat too much sugar with an empty stomach, the body will not be able to produce enough insulin in a short time to maintain the normal blood sugar, so it will suddenly increase the sugar in the blood, thus easily leading to eye diseases.

    Drinking yogurt with an empty stomach will decline its health effects. It is suggested to drink yogurt two hours after dinner, or before going to bed. This can not only play the role of nourishing the body and improving digestion, but also can promote defecation.

    Sweet potato
    Sweet potato contains tannin and pectin, which will stimulate the stomach wall to secrete more gastric acid, causing heartburn and other discomfort.

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