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Organ Function Test agent

Drug classification
1. Reagents used for determination of visceral organ function inclcde phosphate histamine, pentagastrin gastrin, phenothiophene, saccharin sodium, sodium bromophthalide, sodium fluorescein, indocyanine green and so on.
2. Diagnostic reagents used in vitro include enzymes and immunological agents, which have various classes, high sensitivity and strong specificity.
The diagnosis mechanism of such drugs is mainly through the reaction of the body or the organs to the drug metabolism to determine whether the function is normal or not.
Clinical application
1. Determination of gastric secretion and pancreatic function, such as histamine.
2. Determination of liver function, such as sodium sulfonyl bromide.
3. Determination of renal function, such as phenol sulfonphthalein.
4. Determination of cardiac circulatory function, such as fluorescein sodium.
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