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 Suitable Foods Help People Remove Wrinkles
  • Suitable Foods Help People Remove Wrinkles
  • The formation of wrinkles is caused by various reasons, and one reason is the improper diet. Many people try to make use of cosmetics to eliminate the wrinkles. But the effect is not so satisfactory. In fact, internal care by the diet therapy is more effective in removing wrinkles. Some kinds of food contain unique compositions which can defer the aging and strengthen the elasticity of the skin. 

    The foods containing chondroitin sulfate can help people remove wrinkles. The human skin is composed of cuticle, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and dermis can greatly affect the appearance of the skin. Dermis is composed of elastic fibers and the most important substance to produce elastic fibers is chondroitin sulfate. If chondroitin sulfate contained in the diet is not enough, the skin can lose the elasticity and the wrinkles can be caused. Therefore, in order to remove the wrinkles, it is necessary for people to eat the foods which contain abundant chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin sulfate is mainly contained in fin, chicken skin and other cartilages.

    The foods containing nucleic acid can also help people eliminate the wrinkles. Nucleic acid can not only play an important role in accelerating the synthesis of protein, but also affect the metabolism ways and metabolism speed. It can defer the aging and beautify the skin for people. Abundant nucleic acid is contained in fish, animal livers, mushroom and edible tree fungus.

    The foods containing vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium are also useful to help people remove the wrinkles. These nutrients are effective anti-oxidants which can prevent the oxidation of subcutaneous fat and the aging of the skin. Vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium are mainly contained in vegetable oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs and nut.

    In addition, the foods containing high-quality protein can also remove the wrinkles for people. The collagen contained in protein can make the cells well developed and further reduce the wrinkles. Elastic protein can make the human skin smooth and elastic. Many kinds of food contain abundant high-quality protein, such as dairy products, eggs, trotters and chicken feet. The moderate intake of such foods can effectively help people maintain the normal functions of the skin and prevent dryness and roughness.

    In short, suitable foods can effectively help people remove wrinkles and deal with various problems of the skin. People should not only depend on cosmetics and drugs to remove wrinkles.

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