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Anthelmintic drugs can drive away parasites in the human intestinal (mainly be worms), including anti-roundworm drugs (such as citric acid piperazine), drive pinworm drugs (such as Paojiling Ling), drive hook worms drugs(such as worms), drive parasitic worms drugs (such as albendazole), drive whipworm drugs (such as phenol pyrimidine), drive taeniasis drugs (such as the crane grass buds) and so on. Some of these drugs, such as thiophene pyrimidine, thiabendazole, albendazole, levamisole, are effective for a variety of intestinal parasites infection, for which they are called the broad-spectrum anthelmintic drugs.

The action principle of anthelmintics are mainly as follows:
① acting on the parasite's  nervous system, muscle system to cause muscle spasticity or flaccid paralysis, so that parasites lose the ability to adsorb in the intestinal wall and discharge to vitro with peristalsis. Most of the anthelmintic drugs have this effect;
② affecting enzyme activity, such as Papyrole can inhibit the worm sugar transport enzyme system, to disorder the occurrence of sugar metabolism;
③ digesting the parasite body, such as the pill can directly digest the live worm tissue.

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