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Antiparasitic drugs

Antiparasitic drugs can be divided into the following categories by anti-different types of parasites:
(1) antimalarial drugs. There are drugs mainly used to control symptoms of malaria, such as chloroquine oral tablet and primaquine. Chloroquine oral tablet plays a role in the invasion of red blood cells within the parasite period, which will effectively control the onset of symptom; primaquine is used for the prevention of malaria recurrence and spread of drugs.It is mainly used for eradicating vivax malaria and controlling malaria transmission. In addition, there are drugs for the prevention of malaria pyrimethamine oral tablets. It is used for anti-relapse with primaquine.
(2) Anti-amebiasis and anti-trichomoniasis drug metronidazole tablets are also known as metronidazole tablets. This product is a powerful trichomonacide, which can also kill the intestinal and tissue amoeba protozoa, as well as apply to vaginal trichomoniasis, amoebic dysentery and amoebic abscess, and has a good curative effect anaerobic infections. 
(3) sodium sibogluconate injection. This drug can kill Leishmania and it can quickly control symptoms with intravenous or intramuscular injection.
(4) Tartrate antimony potassium injection is an anti-schistosomiasis drug. This product is the main drug treatment of schistosomiasis which has a direct effect in the treatment of adult schistosomiasis, and can make the degeneration of the genital system of parasite. praziquantel tablets, this drug is broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug which is effective in curing the Japanese schistosomiasis, taeniasis, clonorchiasis, paragonimiasis, etc. 
(5) Anti-filariasis medicine——hetrazan has an effect on both microfilaria and its adult. It can be used for Malayan filariasis and bacillus filariasis.
(6) Anthelminthic piperazine citrate with piperazine is also known as anthelin. It can drive roundworm and pinworm and be divide into tablet and syrup. Levamisole is not only effective to the roundworm, hookworm, but also the filarial, and it has the role of immune enhancement. This drug is a tablet and each tablet weighs 25mg which can be insecticidal with 3 to 6 tablets.
Mebendazole also known as helminth-free. It has a strong effect on hookworm and pinworm. This drug is a tablet and each tablet weighs 50mg which can get rid of roundworm and pinworm with 4 tablets. Albendazole is a new drug of helminth-free. The advantage is just taking 1, 2 can achieve the purpose of treating roundworm, pinworm.
In addition to the above two categories, there are other broad-spectrum anthelmintic ——pyrimidines (pyrantel and morantel ). This drug is an oral tablets and each tablet can get rid of roundworm and pinworm with 1 tablet a day for three days in a row. Above three kinds of anti-intestinal worm drugs, in addition to constipation, the general does not need to serve laxatives.

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