Homopolymerized Gum For RTV


Composition: low molecular weight polymer of methyl-(3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)siloxane

Fluorosilicone Elastomer Topda FS-ER1000 is a low molecular weight polymer of methyl-(3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)siloxane. It is a room temperature vulcanized fluoroslicone elastomer, its molecular weight is only tens of thousands. It is easy to process and convenient to apply because of its low molecular weight. Meanwhile it still keeps good performance owned by the high molecular weight fluorosilicone elastomer, such as resistance to chemical mediums, oil and wide application temperature range. It can be cured under room temperature, so it can be used as adhesive agent and sealing agent, as well as auxiliary agent in industry.


  • Wide application temperature range
  • Good resistance to solvent, oil and other chemical mediums
  • It is a liquid, easy to process and convenient to apply
  • Low volatile content, short drying time

Technical Index

Items FS-ER1001 FS-ER1002 FS-ER1003 FS-ER1004
Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent vicious liquid
Specific Gravity, g/cm3 1.28 1.28 1.28 1.28
Viscosity, (Pa.s, 25℃) 1-10 10-40 40-90 90-200
pH Value 6-7
Content of volatile components (180°C×3hr), % 1.5


Used as base oil for binding agent and sealing agent in the applications with requirements of oil & solvent resistance, high & low temperature resistance(such as integral sealing or caulking for oil tank of airplane).

Agglutinating small parts under difficult conditions such as in limited space, irregular trough, seam, ditch and in some kinds of mini motor. Adhering for some places need solvent cleaning.

Bonding and repairing fluorosilicone rubber parts, such as fluorosilicone sealing rings and gaskets.

Bonding silicone rubber and fluorocarbon rubber.


Plastic drums. Each drum is 1kg/5kg/20kg/50KG.

Transportation & Storage

Transported as non-dangerous substance.

Keep it in good condition of packing during transportation.

The product should be stored in a dry and ventilate place at room temperature.

Avoid from acid, alkali chemical materials and other impurities.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 1 year.