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Titanium dioxide CAS NO.13463-67-7

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Product Details


  • Titanium dioxide
  • Titanium dioxide rutile type
  • Sharp titanium type titanium dioxide

Quick Details

  • ProName: Titanium dioxide
  • CasNo: 13463-67-7
  • Molecular Formula: TiO2
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Application: coatings, printing ink, rubber, glass,...
  • DeliveryTime: 10 days after receive deposit
  • PackAge: 25KG.1000KG, seaworthy and suitable fo...
  • Port: Tianjin
  • ProductionCapacity: 10 Metric Ton/Month
  • Purity: 99%
  • Storage: Dry and cold condition
  • Transportation: shipping
  • LimitNum: 1 Metric Ton
  • Water Content: ≤0.01
  • Impurity: 0.001
  • Ash: 0.03
  • Grade: Industrial Grade,Pharma Grade,Electron...
  • Grade: ≤0.001


Hebei yanxi chemical co. LTD. has expanded a compositive entity from initially only as a small manufacturer. The company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of chemicals. Main products are Titanium dioxide(CAS13463-67-7). Lead acetate (cas: 6080-56-4), phenylacetamide (cas 103-81-1), Cyromazine CAS:66215-27-8, citric acid (5949-29-1), methyl-pyridine (35575-96-3) 2-Phenylacetamide (CAS 103-81-1);Trimethylpyruvic acid (CAS 815-17-8);2-Hydroxypropyl methacrylate (CAS 27813-02-1);2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate(CAS 868-77-9);Allyl isothiocyanate(CAS 57-06-7);2,4-DichlorobenzylalcohCAS1777-82-8);N,N,N',N'-Tetrakis[4-(dibutylamino)phenyl]benzene-1,4-diamine(CAS 4182-80-3);o-Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile(CAS 2698-41-1);4-Bromobut-1-ene(CAS 5162-44-7); Phthalide (CAS 87-41-2); Allyl acetoacetate (CAS 1118-84-9). Clove oil, iron powder
After many years of efforts, we have established stable and friendly business relations with dozens of European and American pharmaceutical companies, multinational chemical companies and importers.At home and many production plants and research and development units have established long - term commission processing and production relations.We have a number of laboratories specializing in technology development and custom synthesis, as well as some production bases, mainly in hebei, sichuan, jiangsu and shandong.
Our company possesses the right of self-support import & export, a strong technical force and advanced processing equipments. The quality of the products has been strictly inspected and all kinds of index have reached or exceeded domestic and international standards.
Looking to the future, we will adhere to the spirit of “professional, innovative, integrity, development”, and adhere to the management philosophy of “customer-orientation and pursing development via integrity” and through which to provide customers with first-class products and service. We sincerely welcome friends both at home and abroad to visit our company and hope to achieve win-win cooperation with you!


  • Classification: Titanium Dioxide
  • CAS No.: -13463-67-7
  • Other Names: Titanium dioxide
  • MF: TiO2
  • EINECS No.: 236-675-5
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Titanium Dioxide Anatase 98.5%, Rutile 93%
  • Purity: 94%
  • Appearance: Whiteness powder
  • Application: rubber, plastic, coating , paint
  • Brand Name: Sino
  • Model Number: R1930
  • Whiteness: 97
  • TiO2 Contents %: 93min
  • Tinter reducing power: 100%min
  • Oil absorption (g/100g): 18.0max
  • Color: Super white
  • Property: Low moisture

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: In 25kg /500kg/1000kg plastic woven bag with plastic lining
Delivery Detail: within 7-10 days after receiving your prepayment or L/C

1.Titanium Dioxide

2.Used in plastic,masterbatch paint,coating

3.Low moisture and oil absorption


Titanium dioxide pigment (TiO2) is a white powder with high dispersibility, brilliant whiteness, excellent covering power and resistance.

Product name: Titanium Dioxide Anatase/ Rutile

SPecificatioin of Titanium Dioxide (Anatase Grade)



Anatase Grade

TiO2 content


Color (compared with standard samples)


Tinter reducing power(compared with standard samples)


Oil absorption (g/100g)


PH Value


Residue on sieve(0.045mm sieve pore)


105 °C volatile matter


Water solubles content


Dispersibility (um)


Specification of Titanium Dioxide (Rutile Grade)



Rutile Grade

TiO2 content


Rutile Content


Color (compared with standard samples)

Not later than



Tinter reducing power(compared with standard samples)


Oil absorption (g/100g)


PH Value


105 °C volatile matter


Water solubles content


Hiding Powder


Packing: In 25kg /500kg/1000kg plastic woven bag with plastic lining

1) In paint industry, It is used as white pigment and glaze of porcelain.
2) It can also be used as coating and filling in paper-making industry to help paper to be printable and opaque.
3) In metallurgical industry, it can be used to make spongy titanium, alloy of titanium and iron and hard alloy, etc.
4) It can also be used to make nonconductor, electric welding rod and porcelain enamel.
5) It can also be used in synthetic fiber, plastic, rubber, printing, dying, cosmetics, medicine fillings and food additives

We are TOP 10 Titanium Dioxide manufacturer in China , yielding rutile & anatase grade titanium dioxide.We can offer you best quality, best price and best service.

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Basic information about error correction
Chinese name: Mr Carrie zhong-wen ding alias: 2 - (2 - hydroxyethyl) - carboxylic acid sec-butyl piperidine - 1;Ai card organism;2 - (2 - hydroxyethyl) - piperidine - 1-1 - methyl isopropyl carbonate;Hydroxyethyl piperidine;Hydroxyl pp ester;English name: icaridin English alias: 1 - methylpropyl 2 - (2 - hydroxyethyl) - 1 - piperidinecarboxylate;KBR 3023;Bayrepel;ICARIDIN;2 - (2 - hydroxyethyl) - 1 - piperidinecarboxylic acid 1 - methylpropyl ester;Read more English nickname CAS no. : 119515-38-7 molecular formula: C12H23NO3 molecular weight: 229.31600 the precise quality: 229.16800 PSA: LogP 49.77000:2.09630
Physical and chemical properties of error correction
Appearance and properties: colorless liquid density: 1.041 g/cm3 melting point: below boiling point - 170 DHS C: DHS C at 760 mmHg flash point 330.9:153.9 DHS C refractive index: 1.477 the vapor pressure: 1.18 e-05 mmHg at 25 ° C

Titanium dioxide editor
Titanium dioxide (English name: titanium dioxide), the main ingredients for titanium dioxide (TiO2) white paint.Scientific name of titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide), molecular formula for TiO2 is a kind of polycrystalline compound, the particles are arranged rules, with a lattice structure.
Chinese titanium white foreign names titanium dioxide main ingredients TiO2 study of titanium dioxide
1 main features
Forced the physical
Forced the crystal
Forced the chemical
Forced to identify
Forced the manufacturing
Forced the alternatives
2 composition structure
3 industrial development
4 application field
5 market trend
6 industry status
Forced the market supply
Forced the competition strategy
Forced the paint industry
7 research and development
Main features editor
1) the relative density
In the commonly used white pigment, titanium dioxide minimum relative density, the same quality of white pigment, tio2 surface area of the largest, highest pigment volume.[1]
2) melting point and boiling point
Due to the sharp titanium type under the high temperature will be transformed into rutile type, so sharp titanium type titanium dioxide melting point and boiling point is actually not exist.Only rutile type titanium dioxide has a melting point and boiling point, rutile type titanium dioxide melting point is 1850 ℃, the melting point of (1830 + 15 ℃ in air and oxygen enrichment in the melting point is 1879 ℃, melting point is associated with the purity of titanium dioxide.The boiling point of rutile type titanium dioxide for (3200 + 300 ℃), titanium dioxide under the high temperature slightly volatile.[1]
3) the dielectric constant
As a result of the titanium dioxide high dielectric constant, so it has excellent electrical performance.In some physical properties of titanium dioxide, want to consider the crystallization direction of titanium dioxide crystals.Sharp titanium type titanium dioxide dielectric constant is low, only 48.[1]
4) conductivity
Titanium dioxide has the performance of the semiconductor, its conductivity with temperature rise and increased rapidly, but also very sensitive to hypoxia.Dielectric constant and the semiconductor properties of rutile type titanium dioxide is very important for the electronics industry, can make use of the nature of the production of ceramic capacitors and other electronic components.[1]
5) hardness
According to mohs hardness 10-point scale, rutile type titanium dioxide is 6 ~ 6.5, sharp titanium type titanium dioxide is 5.5 ~ 6.0, therefore in the chemical fiber mat to avoid wear jet holes and use sharp titanium type.
6) hygroscopic
Although there are hydrophilic titanium dioxide, but its hygroscopicity is not too strong, rutile type a sharp titanium type for small.Hygroscopicity of titanium dioxide and its surface area has a certain relationship, the size of the large surface area, high hygroscopicity, also related to the surface treatment and the nature.
7) thermal stability
Titanium dioxide is thermal stability good material.
8) particle size
Titanium pigment particle size distribution is a comprehensive indicator, it seriously affect the titanium dioxide pigment and product application performance, therefore, for the covering power and dispersion of the discussion can be directly from the particle size distribution were analyzed.
The influencing factors of titanium dioxide particle size distribution is relatively complex, the first is hydrolysis the size of the original size, through the control and regulation of hydrolysis process conditions, make the original particle size within a certain range.Followed by calcination temperature, metatitanic acid in the process of calcination, particle through a crystal type conversion period and growth period, and control the suitable temperature, that growth particles within a certain range.Finally is the product of crushing, usually on Raymond mill and analyzer speed regulation, control the quality of grinding and other crushing equipment can be used, for example: universal mill, jet mill and hammer mill plant.

Crystal morphology: there are three kinds of titanium dioxide in nature rutile type, sharp titanium and titanium plate.Titanium plate type belong to orthorhombic system, crystal type that is not stable, in more than 650 ℃, the converted into rutile type, so there is no practical value in industry.Sharp titanium type is stable at room temperature, but at high temperatures to rutile type.It into strength depending on the manufacturing methods and calcination process is associated with inhibition or promoter etc. Performance verification

1, the titanium white pigment on the properties of coating contrast ratio
Cover of coating performance is the most directly reflect the performance of white pigment and the key indicators, and other components in the coating conditions under the premise of the same, the stronger the paint covering power, show that performance of paint to cover the stronger.
2, titanium white pigment on the absorption of ultraviolet shielding performance
The GR titanium white pigment composite with rutile titanium dioxide (rutile type) (R818) water with 0.2% of the suspension, the ultrasonic dispersion after 20 minutes, sampling in 72 type ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer testing its light transmittance (see table 4), in order to judge the product to absorb ultraviolet light.
Titanium dioxide pigment, rutile titanium dioxide respectively with suspension of water for each wavelength of monochromatic light transmittance and rule, to less than 400 nm wavelength ultraviolet transmittance are extremely low, with the increase of the incident wavelength, suspension of light transmittance increase, has reached more than 40% to 700 nm.Due to the difference of suspension transmittance can be approximately regarded as solid material itself factors, as a result, therefore, that titanium white pigment compared with rutile titanium dioxide, has the very strong absorption to uv light shielding effect.
Rutile titanium dioxide with the absorption of uv shielding effect is the best stability and good chemical resistance, resistance to pulverization and discoloration resistance reflected, the performance of titanium dioxide pigments present similar optical properties shows its light stability and so on also have resistance to aging performance.
As can be seen through the above two experiments in titanium dioxide pigments used in coating system is available with titanium dioxide performance of the same or similar;Titanium dioxide pigment can be widely used in coating system, improve the performance of the coating, greatly reduce the material cost.
Physical and chemical properties
(Physical Properties)
% 1, TiO2 (W) : p. 90;
2, whiteness (than with the standard sample) : 98% or higher;
3, oil absorption (g / 100 g) : 23 or less.
4, pH value: 7.0 ~ 9.5;
5, 105 ℃ volatile (%) : 0.5 or less.
6, decoloring force (than with the standard sample) : 95% or higher;
7, covering power (g/m2) : 45 or less;
8, 325 mesh sieve residue: 0.05% or less;
9, resistivity: 80 or more Ω m.;
10 and the average particle size: 0.30 microns or less;
11, dispersion: 22 microns or less;
12, water insoluble substance (W %) : 0.5 or less
13, the density of 4.23
14, the boiling point of 2900 ℃
15, melting point 1855 ℃
Molecular formula: TiO2
Molecular weight: 79.87
CAS login number: 13463-67-7
Login EINECS no. : 236-675-5
Crystal shape is introduced
1, rutile type titanium white: combined with sulfuric acid method of rutile type titanium pigment production quality control experience, collection of inorganic membrane, organic processing, salt processing, calcination control, hydrolysis and product application of innovative research, USES the advanced color and grain size control, zirconium silicon aluminum phosphate inorganic membrane and new type of organic processing.Development of a new generation of high-end general-purpose rutile titanium dioxide (partial water), applicable to all kinds of architectural coatings, industrial paint, anti-corrosion paint, printing ink, powder coating, etc.

2, sharp Titanium type Titanium white: Titanium sharp type Titanium Dioxide, namely type A Titanium Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide for Titanium Dioxide (Titanium Dioxide), Titanium Dioxide Rutile (Rutile) and sharp Titanium type (Anatase) two kinds of crystal type.Sharp titanium type titanium pigment is a kind of fine white powder paint, has a good ability of light scattering and good whiteness, high tinting strength, covering power is strong, strong at the same time has high chemical stability and good weather resistance, avirulent insipidity, no stimulation to the human body, widely used in many industrial fields, such as coatings, plastics, paper and ink, etc. Brief Introduction of Company

CHENGDU YANXI is a comprehensive manufacturer and an international distribution of products throughout the world. Specialized in Scrap metal, Chemical raw materials, Paper products and color industry. We aim to become leading position in global distribution and trading based on a rather unique combination of technical skill, unrivalled supplier network, market knowledge and an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction.

The characteristics of the product
R6618 is a zirconium, aluminum and organic surface treated multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment, it has narrow-size material distribution, good whiteness and high weather resistance, widely used in coating, plastics, paints, rubber and ink production.

Application fields
Ink production
25kg paper-plastic composite bag or 500kg and 1000kg ton bag

Quality indexTechnical requirement
The content of titanium dioxide ,%≥94
Brightness, %≥ 98
Oil absorption, g/100g≤20
PH value of aqueous suspension6.5~8.0
Tint reducing power (Reynolds number)≥1800
The content of rutile≥98
Oil dispersion (Hegman)≥6.0
Screenings(45μm) ,%≤0.05
Resistivity Ωm≥80
Quality index:
TiO2 Content(%) 94
Rutile content (%) 99
Surface Treatment chemicals Alumina,Zirconium
The disposal of organic compounds Have
pH Value 8.0-9.0
Density(g/cm3) 4.05
105°C Moisture % 0.3
Particle Size micron 0.3
Oil Absorption (g/100g) max 20
Resistivity (Ω-m) 150
CIE L* 98.5
b* 1.8
Tint-reducing power (Reynold’snumber) 1900
Pb.As.Hg.Cr6+heavy metal element 10
Exterior&interior durability excellent
ISO591-1:2000 R2

Chinese name: heparin sodium
English synonyms: heparin sodium;O heparin;Of heparin sodium;In accordance with heparin sodium;Heparin sodium salt;Coagulation element resistance;Palmer heparin;Heparin sodium salt
English name: Heparin sodium
CAS no. : 9041 + 08-1
Formula: (C12H16NS2Na3) 20
Molecular weight: ca. 12000
EINECS no. : 232-681-7
Storage conditions: 2-8 ℃
Solubility: H2O: 50 mg/ml clear, faintly yellow
Form: crystalline (fine)
Color: white,
Merck: 14465 3
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong outside.
Than the curl: not less than 50 ° +
Ph: 5-8 -
Protein: 0.5% or less
Dry weight loss: 5.0% or less
On ignition residue: 28.0 to 41.1%
Avoiding titer: 202.3 IU/mg
Wet product potency: 204.3 IU/mg
Packing: packed in aluminum drum
The physical and chemical properties: heparin sodium is white or kind of white powder, odorless, has led to wet, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents.In aqueous solution has a strong negative charge, can combine with some cation into molecular complex.A stable aqueous solution at pH 7.

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